Thank you for your time in completing this Event Proposal for Brisbane Art Design 2021. Please note:

  1. By submitting an Event Proposal for consideration to be included in BAD 2021, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of participation.
    Please take the time now to read these carefully.
  2. All Event Proposals must be unique to BAD 2021; (i.e. permanent displays or ongoing tours will not be considered);
  3. Event Proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee before approval in the BAD 2021 program.
  4. Inclusion in the BAD 2021 is free.
  5. Organisation: is the company, ARI, gallery, venue or person responsible for producing the event.
  6. Lead Artist/Designer: the artist/designer or creatives featured in your event.
  7. Event: each exhibition, class, workshop, talk, tour or other activation is considered a separate event. You can include more than one event within this form.
  8. Venue: the physical venue that the event takes place. (This may or may not be the same entity as the Organisation.)
  9. Precincts: Some of our programming is focussed into specific precincts (BAD neighbourhoods) to allow change to curated itineraries. Other events will be stand alone and instead grouped into program streams by event type, date, and suburb area.

Please get in touch if you have any questions:


14 December 2020Event Proposal due
January 2021Event feedback
February 2021Final BAD Events and programs confirmed
April 2021BAD 2021 program launch
Friday 7 – Sunday 30 May 2021BAD 2021 takes place throughout Brisbane