Exhibition /

Physical Perception: Natalie Lavelle


Fri 7 May: 6pm - 9pm
Sat 8 May: 11am - 4pm


STABLE, 85 Pearson Street,
Kangaroo Point



Natalie Lavelle explores material agency in her exhibition, Bleed Layered Paintings.

Natalie Lavelle’s exhibition Physical Perception, is a gathering of life-size works that appear to be in negotiation of the space between art object and viewer – matter and body. The works’ premise considers the two bodies – both abstract and visceral – to be intimately related aspects of the same principle. Painted flat on the ground, Lavelle’s methods encourage the natural agencies of paint; organically seeping, bleeding and staining its place upon the linen. These formalist sensibilities together with visual strategies such as overlay, gesture and mark-making have been the driving factors for these works.