Bonafides: Linde Ivimey

Bonafides: Linde Ivimey


7 - 22 May
Tues - Sat: 10am - 5pm


486 Brunswick Street,
Fortitude Valley


Jan Murphy Gallery

Ivimey’s otherworldly creatures are layered with totemic and autobiographical significance.

The hybrid figurative forms borrow from the artist’s life directly, bringing animation and resonance to her personal memories. Like Ivimey, many of us share a tendency to privilege certain objects, holding dear the ones that inspire us, keeping them for best. Ivimey has chosen this moment as a time to give utility to her most treasured materials, offering them to us in good faith.

“The works that I have recently made for exhibition explore the materials and objects that I have collected and cleaned and kept over many years. In most cases I have thought the bone, fabric or object a little too precious to use. While I have long enjoyed these things in their original form and drawn inspiration from them, what I was essentially doing was saving them for best.

So at a time when there is an overwhelming universal desire for things to be better I have picked up all my precious and favourite things, all treasures large and small and made this body of work. The only thematic directive is a pure enjoyment of the materials at hand and a desire that this time be the best.” – Linde Ivimey 2021