In Conversation: Bridie Gillman + Hamish Sawyer

In Conversation: Bridie Gillman + Hamish Sawyer


15 May
Sat: 2pm - 4pm


629 Brunswick Street,
New Farm


Edwina Corlette

Join artist Bridie Gillman and curator Hamish Sawyer as they unpack Gillman's new exhibition.

Reminiscent of the early 20th century action painters, Bridie Gillman’s mark-making is an intuitive response to the memories and emotions evoked from her cross-cultural experiences. Initially inspired by her childhood in Indonesia, the now Brisbane-based artist’s practice has evolved to consider more broadly concepts of place, reactions to the environments through which she has travelled, her connection to land as a non-indigenous Australian and the intangibility of memory.

Spontaneous and physical, Gillman’s compositions capture the tension between reminiscence and experience, wanderlust and belonging, combining instinctive use of colour and gesture with literal, poetic titles that hint at sentiments beyond.

Bridie will be in conversation with independent curator Hamish Sawyer.