Brisbane City Council’s Outdoor Gallery

Brisbane City Council’s Outdoor Gallery


17 Apr – 21 May
6pm – 11pm


Art Projection at Howard Smith Wharves, 5 Boundary Street, Brisbane City


Brisbane City Council

Nightime projection, 'Dogs of Brisbane' by Sophie Beer is a flowery, vibrant, funny celebration of the furrier, slobbery-er, barkier citizens of Brisbane.

Dog parks are a beautiful feature of our city, somewhere for pet owners and their pups to congregate, exercise, and get into mischief! In this kid-centred animation, artist Sophie Beer and animator Col McElwaine send a knowing wink and chuckle to all of the dog owners of Brisbane and the shenanigans their furry friends might get into!

Brisbane City Council has an extensive public art collection of approximately 500 diverse objects by local, national and internationally renowned artists. This diverse collection comprises artworks in a mix of styles and materials ranging from traditional bronze sculptures to large scale contemporary artworks with lighting programs.

For the first time Council has commissioned digital artworks for the city’s growing public art collection by leading and emerging local artists which was launched in 2020.

The portability of this part of the wider Public Art Collection allows for the artworks to be displayed multiple times across varying locations. This innovative art procurement takes the artwork to the people rather than the other way around.

This artwork will also be on display at Museum of Brisbane until 21 May 2023.

Presented by Brisbane City Council.