19 – 20 May
4 – 8pm
Opening night: 19 May, 6 – 10pm


16 School Street,
Fortitude Valley


The Station

A bunch of cool artists showcasing really cool sh*t.

Post Covid I saw myself and a lot of creatives around me completely burnt out. Hustling to get back into the groove of things and pushing to work back finances that were lost. Soon enough, we lost touch with creating work that was meant for ourselves. I personally found it impossible to create works that were separate from my production or wholesale work, purely because I didn’t have time. As artists I think it’s important to set aside time to create personal works. To think differently, explore different materials and express themselves in a different way thats separate from the everyday.

Cool Sh*t will be an excuse just for that. An excuse to schedule time to create personal works and showcase some really cool shit. It will hero individuality and encourage self expression through a relaxed and no-fuss brief. Cool Sh*t will allow artists to separate from their every day production and create pieces that they have always wanted to create, or to simply express their talent in a different way.

Exhibiting over the weekend, Cool Sh*t will bring together selected artists of various mediums to create a cohesive yet individualistic show.

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