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Deadly Threads

Munro Stephens, a Porumalaig man with connections to the Magaram Tribes of the Meriam Nation, Gudaw Maluligal Nation Torres Strait and the Thankakwithi tribe of Mapoon, is a Urab dancer wearing Porumalgal Warrior traditional costume. Photo by Brian Cassey

7 - 30 May
Mon - Sun: 10am - 5pm

kuril dhagun, Level 1, State Library of Queensland, Stanley Place, South Brisbane


This event is presented by:
State Library of Queensland


From colourful sporting jerseys to protest shirts, Deadly Threads showcases the history of Indigenous shirts.

Deadly Threads is a new showcase examining Indigenous shirts – born from protests in the 1970s and evolving as permanent mainstays in wardrobes across Australia. In Deadly Threads, see over 170 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander designed singlets, t-shirts, polo shirts, and jerseys.

From colourful sporting jerseys to protest and artists shirts, Deadly Threads looks at how the shirts have helped people freely express views, support community, show allegiances and champion causes.

Explore the origins and significance of the shirts and how they have become important symbols of identity, celebration and unity. Also, learn more about the regional companies and artists that have emerged as part of the flourishing Indigenous shirt business.