Dhana Merritt: Soak

Dhana Merritt: Soak


13 – 14 May, 20 – 21 May
11am – 4pm


7 Lotus Street,


Wreckers Artspace

An interactive exhibition at Wreckers Artspace.

Soak is an invitation to collectively restore and revitalise mentally, emotionally and physically within the shared experience of a healing magnesium-rich foot bath. An inclusive, safe and playful sanctum held over two weekends in May, Wreckers Artspace will become a wellness destination. Concerns around the increase of diagnosed magnesium deficiencies in our bodies and decreasing magnesium levels in our soil and foods inspired the consideration to impart, educate and improve upon these statistics in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Dhana Merritt is an artist, naturopath, collaborator and curator based in Meanjin (Brisbane). Her research-driven practice is informed by vis medicatrix naturae – the healing power of nature and utilises simple therapeutic lifestyle rituals to enhance community health and wellbeing. Since 2016, under the moniker DM Teahouse, Dhana has hosted ongoing interactive performative artworks centre around the act of drinking medicinal herbal beverages.

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