Diversity makes us better designers

Diversity makes us better designers


Tue 16 May, 7:30 - 9am


Museum of Brisbane, Level 3, City Hall


Liquid Interactive

What design outcomes are possible when diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to our process?

Design without diversity is intrinsically flawed, perpetuating solutions and experiences that don’t reach their full potential because significant segments of the population have been excluded. Our biases can pose challenges to embracing diversity, as we unconsciously perceive differences as problems rather than opportunities.

How can you break down your own barriers and preconceptions to celebrate differences, open people’s minds, show vulnerability, and create safe spaces for authenticity?

How should we build design teams that unite in creativity and contribute to a more inclusive world?

Studies have repeatedly found that diverse teams are more innovative and productive than homogeneous groups, and inclusively designed products and services can reach and benefit up to four times the size of the intended audience.

Join Luli Adeyemo, Director of TechDiversity, and Fiona Armstrong, Head of Strategy at Brisbane-based design consultancy and digital agency Liquid, in conversation for this special event, brought to you by BAD and Liquid’s Future Led speaker series.

Luli and Fiona will discuss what outcomes are possible when diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to our process. Both women are passionate about social change and have spent much of their careers leading major transformation and innovation in governments around the world.