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Elizabeth Willing: Empty Inside

2000 Licks. 2014. Maiswürmer (Corn worms) connected with saliva. 45x30x30 and 40x35x25cm. Courtesy Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.

10 - 25 May, Friday and Saturday 10am - 2pm


Kuiper, 11/198 Adelaide St, Anzac Square Arcade,

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Empty Inside is a new exhibition by Brisbane-based visual artist Elizabeth Willing. Using food as subject and medium in her works, the artist continues to explore the material way that food functions as a site of collective experience. The show draws a connection between processed snack food and packaging materials, which involves a consideration of the manufacturing, transportation and consumption of products that are devoid of a use-value, beyond their function as commodities. Performative methods of production, such as the use of saliva as an adhesive in the sculptures, imbue these mass-produced foods with personal, lived experience. Elizabeth has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, and is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Art at Queensland University of Technology.