Eye Contact

Eye Contact


Fri 12 May
7pm – 12am


25 Finchley St,


Warehouse 25

An audiovisual sensory event.

Freej and VJ Local Support have moved the spotlight from ‘performers’ to ‘the performance.’ Detaching themselves from the format of glorified creators, the inner workings are hidden from view of the audience.

Pairing with their visual experimentation, renowned DJ Phil Smart will be providing the soundtrack for this installation which is partly an experiment in psychology asking: how much of audience engagement hinges on human sociability and how much is a visceral reaction to sensory stimuli?

Artists Jasper Free and Lucas Reid are frequent collaborators, having worked on various projects over the past three years. These include the aforementioned audiovisual sensory focused events and film clips. Both are interested in the deep connection between visual and auditorial experiences which can be seen in their individual contributions to Brisbane’s music and art communities over the years, ranging from visual performance and DJing to design and other media.