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Move Together: Kirralee Robinson

Image Courtesy Kirralee Robinson.

7 - 30 May
Always Open


Brisbane Quarter, 300 George Street,



Three new kinetic sculptures by Kirralee Robinson.

Clutching the southern corner of the CBD, Brisbane Quarter is set to become the home of three new kinetic sculptures courtesy of artist Kirralee Robinson. Building on Robinson’s 2020 work In Unison, Move Together stimulates a dynamic conversation about perspectives and relationships.

Guaranteed to beguile audiences with its elegant and breathy minimalism, the three sculptures are suspended from their axis and are manipulated to gently spin, changing their form, and meaning as they turn. The ultimate goal? To explore how individual entities operating on different planes can still move as one.

Presented by Museum of Brisbane in association with Brisbane Quarter
This event has been generously supported by Brisbane Quarter and Museum of Brisbane.