Infinite Space: Sandra Selig + Primitive Motion

Infinite Space: Sandra Selig + Primitive Motion


15 May
Installation live during day
Sat: 6pm - 9pm - Performance


St Patrick's Church, 82A Berwick Street, Fortitude Valley

A site-specific installation and live performance.

Infinite Space is a site-specific installation and live performance work that draws on the architecture and atmosphere of the heritage-listed St Patrick’s Church in Fortitude Valley.

Sandra Selig creates artwork that reveals the systems at the edge of our perception. Her work highlights our bodily relationship with space and the interconnectedness of natural and human-made forces through nuanced spatial interventions.

Selig casts St Patrick’s as a vessel for the accumulated sounds, movements, and memories that are contained in spiritually potent spaces. The church acts as a speaker box for the amplification of sound and light—vibrations that spill outward and reverberate infinitely through time and space.

Across the evening visitors are invited to explore a large-scale drawing on the lawn of the church, soak in a live durational musical performance by Primitive Motion (the collaborative project of Sandra Selig and Leighton Craig) and watch light and shadows dance across the church’s windows.

Presented by IMA in association with Museum of Brisbane.
BAD is an initiative of Museum of Brisbane and is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. This event is also generously supported St Patrick’s Church, Fortitude Valley.