Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location


14 - 30 May
Mon - Sun: 6pm till late


420 Brunswick St,
Fortitude Valley


Outer Space

Witness a series of breathtaking live projections on The Judith Wright Arts Centre.

The exhibition Location, location, location features a selection of Queensland-based artists, who will project their work onto the facade of the Judith Wright Arts Centre (JWAC). The exhibition aims to challenge the persisting discourse of the metropolis as a place of central “positionality”.

By harnessing the immovable concrete structure of the JWAC façade, artists were invited to map out their psycho-geographical coordinates on to this public-facing site. As a result, the projections explore the myriad physical, spiritual, and political landscapes we choose or are forced to inhabit, and that shape our own unique sense of location or locus.

Artists: Lucy Nguyễn-Hunt, Erin Dunne, Lacey-Law-Lobwein, Christopher Bassi, Catriona Drummond, Lisa Kurtz, Judy Watson, Justene Williams, Bella Dreary, Dylan Mooney, Max Athens, and Megan Cope.

Curated by: Alice Maia Rezende

Artworks on show during the festival are by Lucy Nguyễn-Hunt (14 May – 27 May) and Erin Dunne (28 May – 30 May).