Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters

Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters


Sat 13 May
From 10am


97 Sandgate Road,


Albion Fine Trades

Drink hand-brewed coffee while admiring locally designed roasting and brewing equipment.

Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters is part of the maker precinct of Albion Fine Trades and Pedder Street and have previously hosted a BAD forum exploring the revitalisation of industrial spaces and as gallery space for emerging artists.

Five years after moving to their current residence they have grown into a community hub for coffee and design enthusiasts. The roastery and cafe space have been designed to arouse intrigue and bring the customer close to the coffee making process.

Brisbane’s biggest coffee nerds will be on showcase at this open studio, including local manufacturers Aremde coffee machines and Phantom Coffee Roasters, and educator Danny Andre will discuss his annual Processing Boot Camp at Mt. Tamborine for those that are interested in the processing of coffee and fermentation.

You can experience the art of hand brewed coffee which involves selecting the right coffee beans, grinding them to the appropriate size and using the right amount of water and time to extract the flavors and aromas of the coffee. Different brewing devices include pour-over methods such as a Chemex or Hario V60, immersion methods like French press or Aeropress, and the traditional method of using a Moka pot will be on show.

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