Next Door

Next Door


10 – 28 May
Tue – Sun: 8am – 3pm


Basement Level, 6 Railway Terrace, Milton,
(Entry via Crombie Street)


The Plant Bunker

Classic old homes reimagined with dreamy colours and plush palms.

Sharon Hunjas is a Brisbane-based artist with a healthy obsession for palm trees, breezeway blocks and beach shacks, which has resulted in a unique and quirky collection of artworks.

Her illustrations are hand drawn on paper and brought to life digitally, incorporating favourite features and colour schemes that give each house a new life. She loves exploring urban and beachside streets, finding homes, natural elements and shapes that provide inspiration, whether it be a 60s fibro shack, a rundown workers cottage or a breezy banana palm.

She invites us to remember the homes we grew up in as kids, in share houses, Grandma’s house at the beach or maybe the neighbour’s place across the road with the fabulous frangipani tree.

A creative background and a work history in architectural antiques has contributed to a contemporary style with a vintage feel in terms of her work and use of colour. Expect to see homes true to their origins but reimagined with cool colour combinations, plush palm trees and dreamy skies.

The aim of Sharon’s art is to convey a happy, feel good and positive emotion for the viewer while invoking images of remembered places.