Perspectives of Brisbane
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Perspectives of Brisbane


8 - 28 May
10am – 5pm


Level 3, City Hall, King George Square,


Museum of Brisbane

Discover the evolving life of Brisbane.

Perspectives of Brisbane offers a captivating insight into the people, events and changing landscape that is our city. The evolving life of Brisbane, its history and its culture, is revealed through stories, photographs and film.

The place we now call Brisbane has a rich history going back 65,000 years and beyond. Situated on Traditional Lands, it remains home to some of the world’s oldest living cultures. Since European settlement began in the 1820s with the Moreton Bay penal colony, Brisbane has experienced conflict, growth, innovation and celebration.

Today, Greater Brisbane is home to more than 2.5 million people from diverse backgrounds. The city continues to transform, its cultural landscape shaped by the ongoing care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, waves of migration and powerful social change.

We respectfully acknowledge ‘Warunghu’, Aunty Raelene Baker, for her insight, conversation and participation in writing the text presented in this exhibition.