QCA Live – Positive Terminal

QCA Live – Positive Terminal


23 May – 3 June
Tues – Sat: 10am – 4pm


226 Grey Street,
South Bank

View works by Joseph Botica, Emma Gow and Seren Wagstaff.

Joseph Botica, Emma Gow and Seren Wagstaff are emerging artists in their third year at the Queensland College of Art. The group’s practises – working between media including sculpture, photography, jewellery and small objects and painting – come together to explore a shared vision of the art space as a safe space to exchange and reflect on personal and collective experience.

Botica, Gow and Wagstaff propose the idea of the “energetic exchange” – the transferal of physical, mental or emotional sensation between artwork and viewer – as the highest objective of the artist and the art space. The deliberate placement of significance on the “energetic exchange” and the way it affects each artist’s approach to making forms the central inquiry of the exhibition. The “energetic exchange” will be approached from different angles such as audience interaction, exploration of individual and shared memory or humour and play.