Sepideh Ilsley on design, digital art, simplicity, and embracing imperfection

Sepideh Ilsley on design, digital art, simplicity, and embracing imperfection


Sat 13 May, 2-4pm


7D Wandoo St,
Fortitude Valley


Studio Gallery

Studio Gallery is thrilled to host an intimate artist talk featuring the acclaimed artist, Sepideh Ilsley, a contemporary artist whose works are characterized by simplicity and imperfection, a striking testament to the power of the imagination.

Born in Shiraz, Iran in 1980 and raised in Sweden, Ilsley’s early exposure to art and design during her international upbringing influenced her artistic practice. After working for several years as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, Ilsley pursued her passion for fine art, where she found fulfillment in working with imperfections, creating bold sculptural shapes, and embracing the unexpected.

One of the key topics of discussion during the artist talk will be the role of design in Ilsley’s artistic practice. Her background as a graphic designer has informed her use of shape and form, and her works often evoke memories, events, and thoughts in the viewer. Additionally, the incorporation of digital technologies in Ilsley’s work will be explored, highlighting the ways in which technology has expanded the possibilities for contemporary painters.

Ilsley’s willingness to embrace imperfection is another topic of interest. Her paintings are characterized by a sense of unpredictability, where the final result is often determined by the painting itself. The audience will have the opportunity to hear Ilsley discuss her creative process and the role of experimentation and risk-taking in her work.

Overall, the artist talk promises to provide a unique insight into Ilsley’s life story and artistic journey. Through her layers of memory and delicate articulation, Ilsley’s work offers a view into the artist’s experiences, with balance and elegance always present in her work. The event is sure to inspire and engage art enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone interested in the creative process.

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