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Shillington Design Ping Pong

Image Courtesy Ketki Mahadik.

8 May
Sat: 3pm - 6pm


Shillington Education, 157 Ann St,
Brisbane City




Battle Royale meets design in this fast paced competition!

At this interactive event hosted by Shillington Education, participants will have the chance to witness and get involved in the live design of a poster – battle royale style. Through mark making, adding topic suggestions or just yelling out random words this will be an interactive hands on experience for everyone.

The rules are simple. One designer starts, or serves, and spends 10 minutes working on a design. After 10 minutes, no matter where they’ve got to, they fire the file over to the other designer, who spends another 10 minutes playing around with the design. Audience participation is highly recommended. No experience required.