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UpLate: Mayne Line

Image Courtesy Mayne Line.

23 May
Sun: 4pm - 8pm


Mayne Line, 39 Corunna St,



Immerse yourself in an UpLate experience featuring an exhibition, live paintings, music and tasty treats.

Mayne Line presents UpLate, a Sunday evening to unwind with a beverage and be immersed in creative culture.

CTRL ALT DEL exhibition will open from 4pm-8pm, showcasing multidisciplinary works from artists identifying as First Nations, Pasifika, culturally and linguistically diverse. Live music will play throughout the evening alongside with the continuation of the live mural painting.

Presented by Mayne Line Gallery in association with Museum of Brisbane.
BAD is an initiative of Museum of Brisbane and is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.