UpLate: James Hornsby

UpLate: James Hornsby

Free, bookings essential

28 May
Fri: 7pm - 8:30pm


Bloom Traders, 5/349 Montague Road, West End


Onespace Gallery

An immersive installation and performative experience by James Hornsby.

The warehouse next to Onespace Gallery on Montague Road will be transformed into an immersive space by multidisciplinary artist, James Hornsby, as part of a BADexperience. A green wall will be installed in the middle of the space, with different plant species layered on scaffolding from the floor to the ceiling. Vibrant and psychedelic visuals will be projected and rebound against an ambient, to high energy electronic soundscape performed by DJ and Producer, Lucas Reid. Light and colour will bounce off the organic forms, creating a textural middle ground between the natural and technological. Hornsby will respond to this explosive yet ambient environment through mark making and physical intervention over the top of pre-created work – a process that is ever-present and very prominent in Hornsby’s practice.