Zoe Porter, Sea Oddities
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Zoe Porter, Sea Oddities


4/349 Montague Rd,
West End


Onespace Gallery

The laneway adjacent to Onespace Gallery will be transformed into an immersive, surreal and otherworldly space as part of this year’s BAD Festival. This everyday site will become a strange, chaotic, playful and interactive space merging live painting, installation, costume, soft-sculptural appendages, video, physical performance and live sound.

Sea Oddities is a collaborative performance work that combines art, circus, contemporary dance and sound to explore liminal zones and notions of becoming-animal, highlighting our complex human relationships with the animal and non-human world.

For this performance and mural Zoe has specifically drawn upon aquatic imagery from the small coastal town of Toba, Japan where she recently undertook a short residency. Whilst in Japan, Zoe was able to meet female free divers known as Ama. This tradition of women divers has been in existence for over 3,000 years and the Ama have an incredibly rich, sustainable and complex relationship with the sea and marine life. This performance/mural is influenced by the Ama’s fishing practices, rituals and relationship to the natural world.

Zoe Porter in collaboration with Olivia Porter (circus), Tegan Nash (dance) with Live Sound from Exploko.