In Conversation – Sugared Land/s | Botanica
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In Conversation – Sugared Land/s | Botanica

Free, no bookings required.

Alice Street,
Brisbane City


City Botanic Gardens

Join Botanica artist Sancintya Mohini Simpson in conversation with First Nations and South Sea Islander Joella Warkill, together with Australian South Sea Islander and Fijian Indian Australian artist Shivanjani Lal. Together, the speakers will uncover and address the shared history of indenture in the sugar industry from Queensland to across the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

This is the final talk in a five-part series of Botanica artists talks, which allow audiences to deepen their engagement with the exhibition. These facilitated panel discussions between Botanica artists and guests explore the intentions behind the artworks, the artists and their inspirations, as well as contemporary directions in design and visual arts practice.

Location: Botanica marquee, City Botanic Gardens (access via main entry on corner of Alice and Albert Streets).

No bookings required.