Montague Road History Walk

Montague Road History Walk


Sun 28 May
2:30 - 4pm


MEETING POINT: Queensland Theatre 78 Montague Rd South Brisbane


Montague Road Project

The Montague Road Project’s vision is for a place of imaginative, diverse experiences and unfolding possibilities – showcasing Brisbane and its citizenry to the world.

Montague Road is located in the critical landscape of limited, highly desirable inner-city land in Brisbane, Australia, which will be hosting the 2032 Summer Olympics. This Vision 2035 has been created from the results of a community-initiated and led process held in the Montague Road precinct (2022).

First Nations peoples walked along shaded tracks beside the river corridor to Kurilpa Point for business and culture. In 1902, Brisbane was the first Australian city to have electric trams, including through West End, up until 1967. This century, the Kurilpa and Goodwill bridges over the Brisbane River were opened for active transport only, and Victoria Bridge to the CBD was closed to private vehicles to encourage the use of public transport.

The history walks as part of the project have helped inform residents and visitors of these layers of history and view the remaining examples of the designs that evolved over these changes. Now is a good time to be informed as the last of the 1900’s sites, begin to be transformed.