Montague Road Project


Montague Road
West End

With the Olympics ahead of us, Kurilpa Futures and Queensland Ballet partnered under the banner of the Montague Road Project in 2022 to facilitate a community-initiated process for our community to come together to create its vision for the future.

Montague Road is located in the critical landscape of limited, highly desirable inner-city land in Brisbane, Australia, which will be hosting the 2032 Summer Olympics.

This Montague Road Community Vision 2035, below, has been created from the results of our community engagement process held in the Montague Road precinct in August and September 2022.
The results of the community engagement are summarised and documented in the companion document, Visioning for 2035, Montague Road Project Community Engagement Report.

The two documents serve as a starting point and resource for government and the urban design and development sector going forward. However, they are not a substitute for further community engagement at precinct or project specific levels.

We envisage that the Vision and Engagement Report will serve as a good starting point for government, designers, developers and other key stakeholders as they plan for the next ten years’ development of our local area.