Birrunga Gallery


Basement Level, 300 Adelaide Street
Brisbane City

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Wiradyuri man, Birrunga Wiradyuri, is the founder and principal artist of the multi-award winning Birrunga Gallery situated in the heart of Meanjin (Brisbane) CBD.

Dedicated to fulfilling his cultural responsibilities, following and practising the central Wiradyuri law of Yindyamarra, Birrunga is a cultural practitioner and visual artist whose narrative works explore the spirituality of the Wiradyuri people, in historical and contemporary contexts.

Birrunga’s motto, ‘If not for me, then whom’, resulted in the co-founding of the Wayne Weaver Foundation; a charity that provides pro bono pre and post release, transition, and reintegration support for Indigenous prisoners. The foundation has enabled Birrunga enter prison unescorted and spend time with Indigenous prisoners on matters of Cultural priority since 2015.